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13 Undeniable facts nobody told Me about nail paint

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1.     For a better nail polish all you need is just 3 strokes to get it done. For proper polish application you start from the nail base down to the right and left side of the nail and finally the  center that is  all

2.     Base coat is a must use as this helps the polish to last longer on the nail, also prevent stain which results from polish pigments

3.     Do not use nail polish that dries out quickly as this will lead to nail dehydration which in turn make you nails look dry.

4.     Make use of cuticle oil regularly as this helps keep the nail hydrated also should you accidentally hit nail on  an object which affects the polish with the aid of the cuticle oil this  helps even the polish

5.     To make nail polish dry up faster dipping your hands in a bowl of ice water does help dry faster

6.     Another better alternative to make the nail dry fast is by applying  thin coat, thus instead of of one thick coat, you should apply 3 layer of thin coat as this dry faster than the thick coat

7.     The nail polish should be kept in a cool place for it to last, exposing it to heat and sunlight can  have an effect on the color thus a better storage place is the refrigerator.

8.     Never shake the polish container instead it should be rolled in between your two palm back and forth.  Shaking it will lead to air bubble in the polish solution as well on your nail when you paint.

9.     Your nail cuticle should not be cut, it helps in preventing infection from entering the nails, when cut open that is an easy access for infection to come into the  nails. Should you have a hangout in your nail they should be trim instead, that is the best you can do.

10.                        When filing your nails it should be done in one direction, not stroking back and forth as this will lead to nail splitting, tearing and peeling .

11.                        Do not deep your polished nail on hot water as this makes the nail to expand as well as the polish thereby making it to crack.

12.                        if you have a peeling nail then make use of non acetone nail remover

13.                        In order to properly get rid of nail polish of your nails make use of cotton wool dab in an acetone solution band round the nail, allow it to sit for 3 or so minutes before pulling it off by exerting a little pressure on it while pulling the cotton wool off the nail
What are your thoughts on this guide on how to care for your nails, should there be other aspects that are not included please feel free to let me know through your comments

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