Friday, October 30, 2015

3 Magical Tips You Need To Read This on How to remove nail polish

Here am going to explain the 3 ways in which you can effectively remove nail polish from your nails but two of the option require the use of nail polish removal but the last method does not need that , this is good for people who don’t have nail removal at the moment.

Nail polish remover are of two type the acetone and non acetone, the acetone is more efficient, faster and easier in removing polish from the nails, no matter how tough the polish might be this will help take it off as quickly as possible.

Now to carry out the removal process, place a soaked cotton of the acetone all wrapped round the nails and it should be held by a band and left to sit for about 2 to 3 minutes, then remove it by applying a little pressure while pulling of the cotton , the polish will slide off with it, should there be some ruminants the same process should be repeated till all is completely out.

The second method, this involve the use of nail polish, this is done by appling another coat of polish on top of the nail or just as an over lay coat then allowing it to sit for about 30 seconds before wiping it off, should in case there are still some remain on the nails then you have to repeat the process again till all the polish is removed from the nail very easy.

The third method is the use alcohol, spray or perfume this is mostly used when you do not have nail removal or very limited amount of polish which you do not want to waste.

To use this method you have to rub the nail with the solution either alcohol or spray on the nail and allow it to site for some minutes before wiping it off with a wool, note it will take more time in wiping using this method should in case there is still left any stain polish on the nail the process should be repeated.