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6 Genius Nail Polish Tips You Can’t Do Without

Here are list of the top 10 nail polish or varnishes  that will go well with your skin color, hair  and your cloths

1.     OPI `Russian Navy'  : these are well known gorgeous colors which are made up of 3 main colors which are purple, blue and  traces of green when you wear it on your finger, Opi Russian Navy are classical and dazzles when in contact with the sun and are really beautiful 

2.     Barry M  Raspberry: it is a good nail polish girls out there should have, one good thing is that it can last up to ten days  on nails without losing it luster. However, Barry M Raspberry generally is a bright color that often stain the nail, for good use it is advisable to use a base coat to avoid nail been stained

3.     Spa Ritual : this brand of nail polish is less known to many yet is among the top best nail varnish to go for. The container is made from plastic thus prevent slipping during polishing that may lead to stains. Spa Ritual polish is neither liquid nor thick solution, thus making it very easy to apply on nails without staining egdes of the nails. Also it can stay for a very long time without  chipping

4.     Star Gazer: this is one type of nail varnisher that comes with  chromey , vibrant look , having this on your nails make heads to turn . However, to get the chromey nature you have to apply the polish two to three times on the nail with a clear basecoat before the final touch. 

5.     Orly in Naught : it is a brilliant color on nail but to achieve this you need to apply 2 to 3 coat to get the opaque color. One of it features that makes it different from every other nail polish in the market is that it last longer than other nail polish in the market. But there is a drawback with this type of nail polish, which is, it takes very long time before it dries up on the nail.

6.     Leighton Denny : though expensive but are one of the best to go for due to it unique features which include the following
a.     Fit all skin color
b.     Dries up easily and quickly at least 2-3 minutes
c.      It brilliant and gorgeous 

If there are other nail varnhers not mention here please feel free to state them with their features here in this post.

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