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22 Beauty Hacks That Will Transform Your Skin From The Experts

The skin is a delicate part of the body that is visual for all to see, that is the part of the body first seen before any other thus the need to make it look pretty, though there are many skin tips that help in enhancing the skin the fact is that most of the product recommended by this so called experts are expensive which are beyond the reach of average of women hence the need for this hack. There are so many different skin tips out there promising to be the best in terms of skin care but most of this product don't do what they promise, hence the main reason I took time out for proper research on what is really working in terms of skin care product and tips. Below is the best hack to great Skin, these are well researched and proven to work well effectively. The good part is that most of the product for the skin tips cost less to nothing in procuring them. 2. Weekly skin tips 3 Montly care 4. Yearly skincare this is optional Othe
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Hi all here am going to run through eight different types of hair styles you can do for less than five minutes This type of hairstyles are meant for ladies that are very busy never the less this are gorgeous hair style, nobody will ever think this hair style were done in less than five minutes First on my list: 1 . wrap around bun hair style 2 . twisted flip buns updos 3. Five strand braid hairstyle 4. The sock burn hair style 5. The classic french braid 6. The brilliant braid 7. Simple fishtail braid 8. The triple braid  bun

13 Undeniable facts nobody told Me about nail paint

Add caption 1.       For a better nail polish all you need is just 3 strokes to get it done. For proper polish application you start from the nail base down to the right and left side of the nail and finally the   center that is   all 2.      Base coat is a must use as this helps the polish to last longer on the nail, also prevent stain which results from polish pigments 3.      Do not use nail polish that dries out quickly as this will lead to nail dehydration which in turn make you nails look dry . 4.      Make use of cuticle oil regularly as this helps keep the nail hydrated also should you accidentally hit nail on   an object which affects the polish with the aid of the cuticle oil this   helps even the polish 5.      To make nail polish dry up faster dipping your hands in a bowl of ice water does help dry faster 6.      Another better alternative to make the nail dry fast is by applying   thin coat, thus instead of of one thick coat, you should ap

3 Magical Tips You Need To Read This on How to remove nail polish

Here am going to explain the 3 ways in which you can effectively remove nail polish from your nails but two of the option require the use of nail polish removal but the last method does not need that , this is good for people who don’t have nail removal at the moment. Nail polish remover are of two type the acetone and non acetone, the acetone is more efficient, faster and easier in removing polish from the nails, no matter how tough the polish might be this will help take it off as quickly as possible. Now to carry out the removal process, place a soaked cotton of the acetone all wrapped round the nails and it should be held by a band and left to sit for about 2 to 3 minutes, then remove it by applying a little pressure while pulling of the cotton , the polish will slide off with it, should there be some ruminants the same process should be repeated till all is completely out. The second method, this involve the use of nail polish, this is done by appling another

6 Genius Nail Polish Tips You Can’t Do Without

Here are list of the top 10 nail polish or varnishes    that will go well with your skin color, hair    and your cloth s 1.       OPI `Russian Navy'   : these are well known gorgeous colors which are made up of 3 main colors which are purple, blue and   traces of green when you wear it on your finger, Opi Russian Navy are classical and dazzles when in contact with the sun and are really beautiful  2.      Barry M   Raspberry: it is a good nail polish girls out there should have, one good thing is that it can last up to ten days   on nails without losing it luster. However, Barry M Raspberry generally is a bright color that often stain the nail, for good use it is advisable to use a base coat to avoid nail been stained 3.      Spa Ritual : this brand of nail polish is less known to many yet is among the top best nail varnish to go for. The container is made from plastic thus prevent slipping during polishing that may lead to stains. Spa Ritual poli